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How to find your Ring Size
For the most accurate fit, please visit us, or a local jeweler and use a ring sizer tool.

You can also follow the directions below to measure your finger.
  1. Click below and download and print this Adobe Acrobat file:

  2. Cut it out per instructions
  3. Wrap it around the base of the appropriate finger.
  4. Note where the size number enters the slit you cut.
  5. Use this measurement or the chart of measurements below to determine your ring size.
**Remember: Knowing that you're a size 6 or 7 according to a ring sizer is not enough. *A wide ring should be ordered in a slightly larger size because it covers more of your finger. Also, keep in mind that knuckles have a tendency to become enlarged over the years. You want a ring that's comfortable to wear, but that can be taken off without too much difficulty.

Here's an idea!   If you're buying a ring as a surprise for a loved one, borrow one of their rings and slide it down a tapered candle and mark that. Then measure according to a Ring Sizer, or using the chart above.
Ring Size
Measurement Chart
Ring Size  Measured Size
(USA) (mm)  (inches)
  3 44.1   1.70 in.
  3.5 45.4   1.75 in.
  4 46.7   1.81 in.
  4.5 48.0   1.88 in.
  5 49.2  1.94 in.
  5.5 50.5   2.00 in.
  6 51.8   2.06 in.
  6.5 53.1   2.13 in.
  7 54.3   2.19 in.
  7.5 55.6  2.25 in.
  8 56.9  2.31 in.
  8.5 58.2  2.38 in.
  9 59.4  2.44 in.
  9.5 60.7   2.50 in.
  10 62.0   2.56 in.
  10.5 63.3   2.63 in.
  11 64.5   2.69 in.
  11.5 65.8   2.75 in.
  12 67.1   2.82 in.
  12.5 68.3   2.88 in.
  13 69.6   2.95 in.

You can also just right click on this image above, save it, and then print it out exactly five inches tall.
Minneapolis jewelry store creates custom designs in gold and platinum
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Minneapolis jewelry store creates custom designs in gold and platinum