Minneapolis Jewelry store creates custom designs in gold and platinum
Minneapolis Family Owned Custom Jewelry Design Store.

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Unique Gold Design jewelry. Expert Jewelry Repair Service in Minneapolis

The Staff at Jeffrey Jewelry

As a wax carver and gold smith, I'm often involved in the custom design process on some level. Dana, Jeff or Tom may call me in to look at the idea and determine if it can work in the "material world." It's also very important for me to meet the customer, as the personal connection seems to better allow me to produce something beautiful in keeping with the customer's wishes. I usually begin by carving the design in wax. This is done by hand with my files and engraving tools in a process that has been used virtually unchanged for centuries. After the wax model has been approved by the customer, I cast it with the lost wax method. It is then filed, assembled, polished and stones are set. I always like to see the smile on the customer's face after I have worked on a custom piece.

      Jeffrey Jewelry of Minneapolis has been my home now for over two decades... It is a wonderfully fun and creative place to be a part of, shop at, and work within. I look back, as well as forward to the beautifully challenging designs, the daily gemology projects, and some intense appraisals! Most enjoyable for me is sitting with new clients, and especially catching up with all of you that have been coming to Jeffrey's for years.


      My Dad, Morris started Jeffrey Jewelry in 1943 when I was born. Sadly he passed in 1986, but was at the bench doing jewelry work until his last day at age 82. I have been the diamond setter and goldsmith for over 54 years. While being in this family business for over ½ century, my Dad instilled in me honesty, integrity, and fairness. I have passed these traits, in business, on to my daughter, Dana who has been with me 26 years (and now it’s her shop). Judy, our goldsmith has been here 29 years (and she loves her work so much, she commutes 154 miles round-trip each day) and Tom, our right-hand man has been with us for 24 years (we’ve been family friends with Tom for 28 years). We try to focus our attention on quality and the highest level of customer service in our casual setting. We attend to everyone’s needs the same, whether we are creating the most elaborate custom design, writing an appraisal or simply repairing something minor. I do hope you will give us chance to create a trusting relationship with you.


Jewelry Repair Minneapolis.
Minneapolis jewelry store creates custom designs in gold and platinum
        Jeffrey Jewelry
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Minneapolis jewelry store creates custom designs in gold and platinum